Reseller API (2.0)

The Reseller API allows you to manage contracts and their associated admin users under your master reseller account. Registration in the IONOS Partner Program is required for use of this REST based API. The Reseller API is Swagger-enabled. You can quickly explore it by visiting the Swagger Online Demo and entering in the box at the top of the page. Then press Explore to have the JSON file parsed into an easily readable format.


Available API operations are grouped by contracts and then admin users assigned to the contract.

We can verify that the Reseller API is accessible by making a GET request to the endpoint:

  curl --include \
       --request GET \
       --user 'username@domain.tld:password' \

If we have provided valid credentials, then a JSON body should be returned with some basic information about the API.

    "href": "",
    "name": "Reseller REST API",
    "version": "1.0"

swagger 2 Source url


Basic Authentication

You can consume the Reseller API using the following endpoint: URL: Description: Reseller API Endpoint

The API is secured using HTTP Basic Authentication in conjunction with SSL/TLS. You will need to Base64 encode your credentials. Separate your username and password with a colon, i.e., username:password. Additional information and examples can be found in the Authorization section of the Cloud API - Getting Started documentation.


Get all admin users of the contract

A list of all admin users associated with a particular contract

get /contracts/{contractNumber}/admins Try out

Create new admin user for contract

A new admin user can be created by submitting a POST request

post /contracts/{contractNumber}/admins Try out

Find admin by ID

Details about a specific admin associated with a particular contract

get /contracts/{contractNumber}/admins/{adminId} Try out

Delete admin user

This method call will remove admin user from the contract. This is a highly destructive method and must be used with caution.

delete /contracts/{contractNumber}/admins/{adminId} Try out

Partially update admin user

You can use this method to partially update admin user properties (firstName and/or lastName and/or email)

patch /contracts/{contractNumber}/admins/{adminId} Try out


Get all contracts

This provides a complete list of contracts that are provisioned under the master reseller contract.

get /contracts Try out

Create new contract

post /contracts Try out

Update contract name

The name associated with a specific contract can be changed by making a PUT request to this route. The body is the new contract name.

put /contracts/{contractNumber}/name Try out

Update resource limits for contract

The resource limits associated with a specific contract can be changed by making a PUT request to this route

put /contracts/{contractNumber}/resourcelimits Try out

Find contract by ID

To request details on a specific contract

get /contracts/{contractNumber} Try out

Update contract

The Reseller API accepts a PUT request to make updates to an existing contract. There are specific operations listed in the next two sections that can be used to update the name or resourceLimits of a contract. If you need to adjust another property, such as resellerReference, then you can use a PUT request as demonstrated here.

put /contracts/{contractNumber} Try out


Display API information

Display API information

get / Try out