Activity Log Service API (v1)

The Activity Log API allows contract owners and administrators to discover what activity has happened under a specific contract. This allows auditing of user activities as well as changes to any resources. The activity is grouped by contract and can be refined using date ranges. Activity information is READ-ONLY so all calls made against the Activity Log API will be handled using GET requests.

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Basic Authentication

You will need to base64 encode the string containing your credentials. Separate your username and password with a colon, i.e., username:password and send it as 'Authorization' request header. More details:

API key

Please provide header value as 'Bearer ' and don't forget to add 'Bearer' HTTP Authorization Scheme before the token.


Display API information

Display API information

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List all accessible contracts

This operation is retrieving a list of contracts that your account credentials are authorized to access. This operation is primarily useful to IONOS' Resellers, as a non-reseller user account will only have access to a single contract.

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Download Activity Log entries.

This operation returns the actual activity log data related to the specific contractId supplied in the request. The amount of data returned can be limited by providing one or both of the optional startDate and endDate parameters.

If valid values for both dateStart and dateEnd are supplied, then the activity log information for the date range specified will be returned. Omitting either dateStart or dateEnd will return all entries available after dateStart or before dateEnd.

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